Supportive Apartment Program


Wild Acre offers supportive apartments in Belmont, Watertown, and Cambridge for individuals who are capable of living independently with some support and who would benefit from living with others.

Ideal candidates are individuals who have some level of insight into the dynamics of their illness and are capable of asking for support.  Other important factors include medication independence (or working towards independence), and have 20 hours of outside structure per week.

Additional support services or structure (e.g. job searches, case management, medication ordering) can be customized to suit an individual’s needs.

Fees vary.

About Us

Private bedroom in a fully furnished 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom apartment
Separate properties for men and women
Supported and supervised by a licensed social worker
All utilities are included
Close proximity and easy access to Harvard Square and McLean Hospital
Weekly case management meeting
Weekly apartment meeting
*Cambridge Apartment is in a high rise building with full amenities.

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